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Waterloo and Munson Ballpark Rules

  1. No smoking. This includes E-cigs. This is enforced in the ENTIRE facility. This is defined as anywhere where you can see the fields but also includes behind the various buildings. At Munson, smoking is allowed up the hill beyond the old building near the south field.

  2. No standing in front of the yellow line behind the backstops. This is a distraction to players.

  3. No radar guns are allowed at ANY Denison Little League function.

  4. At Waterloo, only board members, umpires, concession workers, scorekeepers, managers, and those with handicapped placards may park around back. This is for safety and to allow us to operate smoothly.

  5. No wheeled toys/devices in the areas between the fields and around the concession and bathroom areas. This includes, but is not limited to, bicycles, scooters, hoverboards, skates, rip sticks, shoes with wheels, unicycles, and R/C vehicles. Small cars such as Hot Wheels are fine.

  6. No throwing of baseballs or softballs outside a fenced area.

  7. No swinging of bats allowed outside of a fenced area.

  8. No throwing or kicking of any other kinds of balls except in the area adjacent to the batting cages.

  9. No children are allowed to play in the batting cage. The cages are for teams with their coach(es). All minors must wear a batting helmet in the cages.

  10. No food is allowed in the dugout. Only water, sports drinks (such as Gatorade), and sunflower seeds are allowed. This includes adults as well. Exceptions are made for medical reasons (diabetics for example).

  11. Only teams are allowed to use the fields and cages. Individual parents and players cannot use the facilities for private practice. This is for insurance reasons as well as practicality. Anyone on the field without permission will be considered trespassing and reported as such. If you have to jump the fence, you shouldn’t be on the field. If you want to use the fields, book them through the city and pay the fee.

  12. The WiFi at Waterloo or Munson Ballpark is for official use only. Do not ask us for the password.

  13. These rules are in addition to the Parent/Fan Code of Conduct you acknowledged during registration. All fans at our games are expected to follow that Code and these rules. Please pass this information along to your guests.


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