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League Boundaries

If you live within the boundaries or your child goes to a school within our boundaries, your child is eligible for all star play in Denison Little League. This means that players who go to school in Denison, Pottsboro, Bells, Sherman (including TCS and St. Mary's), Whitesboro, S&S, Howe , Achille, Colbert or Calera are eligible by school attendance.

Map Description

Map starting on far NW corner of Grayson County line at Red River {Oklahoma/Texas Border) head

South following County line to Hwy 82.

Turn East on Hwy 82 to Hwy 56, follow Hwy 56 East toward Sherman, TX.

Take Friendship Rd. South to OB Groner Rd., East on OB Groner Rd. to FM 1417.

Head South East on FM 1417 to Farmington Rd.

Head South on Farmington Rd. to HWY 902, East on 902 to N. Denny St/HWY 5.

South on N. Denny St/HWY 5 to N. Collins FWY, South West on N. Collins FWY to W. Duke St.

East on W. Duke St. to S. Denny St/HWY 5.

North on S. Denny St/HWY 5 to E. Young St.

East on E. Young St. to Ponderosa Rd.

North on Ponderosa Rd. to Shepherd Rd.

North on Shepherd Rd. to HWY 75, North on HWY 75 to S. Travis St.

North on S. Travis St. to W. Park Ave, East on W. Park Ave to Walnut.

North on Walnut to Brocket, West on Brocket to N. Travis, North on Travis to HWY 75.

North on HWY 75 to HWY 82, East on HWY 82 to Craft Rd. (Bells, TX), South on Craft Rd. to HWY 56.

East on HWY 56 to Wilson St., South on Wilson St. to Vernon St., East on Vernon St. to HWY 69. South on

HWY 69 to Lovers Lane, East on Lovers Lane to County Line.

North on County Line to Red River {State Line) Cross state line take N2270 East Grassy Lake Rd.


North on Grassy Lake Rd. to HWY 78 North West on HWY 78 to E2190 RD (Including City of Achille, OK)

HWY 91 North West to Wren Rd., North on Wren Rd. to Westberry/Cordell Rd. to N3660 Rd.

{Levenworth Trail)

North on N3660 Rd. to HWY 75, North on HWY 75 to W. Main St. {Calera, OK).

West on W. Main St. to McKinney Ave, North on McKinney Ave. to W. Smiser Rd.

West on W. Smiser Rd. to Lake Texoma Shore line, follow shore line South to Texas State line.

State Line back to North West corner of Grayson County.